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Michael Aaron Rockland has lectured around New Jersey, around the United States and throughout the world. In New Jersey he has lectured regularly for the New Jersey Council for the Humanities. Among the places he has lectured in the United States are Princeton University, Harvard University, The Boston Public Library, The State University of New York's Museum Studies School, the University of Richmond, and as keynoter for the annual convention of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

In recent years he has lectured abroad in the following countries: Argentina, Spain, Uruguay, Italy, Norway, Canada, Japan, Korea, India, Pakistan, Georgia, El Salvador, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Israel,  Ecuador, Chile, Turkey, Portugal, Macedonia and China.

Rockland's early career was in the United States diplomatic service as a cultural attache and during that time his Spanish achieved nearly native born status. He lectures regularly in Spanish when that is called for.

Lecture Topics:

1. What's American About America?
2. Popular Culture: Or Why Study 'Trash'?
3. Mobility and Americans
4. American Ethnicity
5. American Jewish Literature
6. Literature and Film: Issues in Adaptation
7. American Foreign Policy
8. Individualism vs. Communitarianism in American Life
9. The United States as Seen From Abroad
10. Aspects of New Jersey Life, including: "The Image of New Jersey," "The Jersey Joke," "Adventuring in New Jersey," and "The long, Continuing War Between New Jersey and New York City."
11. A Writer's Life: Challenges and Benefits of Writing Fiction, Journalism, Memoir and Scholarship, sometimes at the same time.




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